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Vasana Kotaria Gamat Gaushala Trust

Vasana Kotaria Gamat Gaushala Trust

Vasana Kotaria Gamat Gaushala Trust is a registered trust, formed on 21st October, 1978. Since its inception Vasana Kotaria Gamat Gaushala Trust has been in the forefront of taking care of the cows and buffaloes. The trust has been working seamlessly since its inception under the able guidance and inspiration of H.D.H. Hariprasad Swamiji, the founder president of the trust. Under his able management the trust has reached a place where it has more cows then ever before. The Trust as of now has around 250 Cows which are taken care of personally.
For the last 5-6 decades our institution is engaged in cow-rearing activity. We organize cattle-camps during the natural calamities like, draught, massive rainfall etc. We take care of cows not only under normal circumstances but also during the break out of sudden diseases. For this purpose, we take the help of government machinery and expert veterinary doctors. For the fulfilment of above goals we prepare development oriented plans and organize programs based on these plans.

A Seminar of 3 days was also conducted by the “Bhartiya Gau Rakshak Samvardhan Samiti” which was attended by various dignitaries of their time like Shri Ashok Singhal, Shri Praveen Togadia, Shri Hukamsinh Chawla – President Bhartiya Gau Rakshak Samvardhan Samiti and Shri Bhupendra Sinh Chudasama – Minister of state for Pashu Palan and Krushi Sahakar.

Scientific Techniques
We use scientific techniques to bring up good quality and more productive cows. With the cooperation and guidance of Government of Gujarat, we are maintaining the highest quality of cows and bulls. This has helped us bag the Second Best Gaushala Award in the state of Gujarat in the year 2002-03.  

Maintaining the breeds of the cow
According to the orders of Pashupalan department of Govt. of Gujarat, we give our bulls to the individuals, institutions and villages, wherever necessary. We collect semen of good breeds of bulls from the authorized government centers to breed good quality calves. As a result, the best quality of cows and bulls is maintained. To expedite the program of ‘Shwet Kranti’ calves brought up in our gaushala are given to persons interested in bringing them up at a very nominal price.



We have constructed a model Gaushala which is of RCC structure and is 200 Ft. X 40 Ft. in which approx. 250 Cows are housed. By this Gaushala we are providing the example of getting the best protection against various seasons and show how cows can feel at home or in other words, remain mentally fit and sound. For the storage of fodder we have built another RCC godown which is 120 Ft. X 40 Ft.  

Gobar Gas Plant

We have also constructed a Gobar – Gas Plant of 150 Cubic Mtrs. Capacity from which we make bio-gas.




Milk info

Everyday approx. 450 Ltr. of cow milk is produced, which is distributed free of cost to the poor and needy. Many of the cows of the gaushala, the ones which are left by their owners as they have become old or are not giving any milk are also taken care of by the trust.


We give necessary guidance to the interested persons by way of practical demonstrations regarding types of vaccination to be administered and when it should be administered so that cows’ or cattle’s resistance power may be raised to the required level before any disease attacks. We also organize cow rearing seminars – Camps in which experts from Pashupalan Department provide necessary guidance and evoke awareness in them. With all the above activities and other awards that the trust has got over the years, we can say that the cows here are really enjoying their life, which is one of the prime objectives of the Trust.